Jars of fresh vegetables

Eat Your Veggies!

I love vegetables. Serve them to me raw, grilled, sautéed, roasted, cooked into soup… I’ll take them any way! However, I don’t think I ever get enough veggies on a regular basis, and it’s a thought I was reminded of this weekend.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was traveling from out-of-town with her family and they stopped and visited us on their way to their destination. It was so good to see my friend and her family after so many years! She and I are connected on Facebook and I’ve seen pictures of her two daughters gobbling up plates of veggies, so I knew they had healthy habits. However, when they got hungry and I watched the little girls devour a container of broccoli and cucumbers and sob when they had to save some for later, something clicked inside my brain. Why don’t I bring vacuum-sealed jars of veggies to work as a snack?

The very next day, I bought some baby carrots, sweet peas and broccoli, as well as organic cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, and an orange bell pepper. I washed, dried and chopped up everything and filled 5 pint size jars and 5 smaller jars and vacuum-sealed them with our awesome FoodSaver to lock in the freshness. The goal was for all ten jars to be eaten by the next weekend. By the way – last time I checked, the FoodSaver was on sale for $129 at Costco.20140520-145130-53490952.jpg
Being a busy REALTOR, my husband often skips meals and needs a healthy, portable snack for nourishment. Having these veggie jars in the fridge was so nice because he could grab a jar and eat a healthy snack on-the-go, and I could enjoy a jar of veggies throughout my day at the office!Some days we’d eat the veggies without any dipping sauce, and other times I’d fill a tiny glass jam jar with ranch dressing and take that. I’ve made up snack jars before with ranch dip on the bottom on the jar and several celery and carrot sticks standing in the dressing. This time I didn’t want to risky my veggies getting soggy by marinating in a partial bath of ranch.

There were a few days where no veggie jars were consumed because we had huge salads at lunch or dinner. When I opened a jar on the weekend, the broccoli had started getting a little funky-smelling. Vacuum-sealing slows down the aging process but it won’t stop spoilage altogether!

You don’t have to have a vacuum-sealer or canning jars to eat your veggies, though. You can wash, chop and store veggies in jars and they should be just fine to eat within three days.


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