A Medley of Our Recent Gluten Free Meals

New Recipes Coming Soon!

On the Friday night before Christmas, my doctor said I needed to go gluten-free as soon as possible for a six-week trial. Yikes! As if Christmas wasn’t a hectic enough time, there was an enormous amount of things keeping me from making time to research how to go gluten-free. I didn’t have time to meal plan or shop, so I had to quickly learn what gluten was, and what to avoid because I went GF the very next morning.

My husband became a Crossfit enthusiast late last summer and was encouraged by his new friends to “go Paleo.” Among avoiding other things, people who eat Paleo do not consume grains so it is a way to go gluten-free. Just because it’s gluten-free doesn’t make it Paleo, but if it’s Paleo, it’s gluten-free.  We cannot always find grass-fed local animals to eat and freshly grown local vegetables to chow on, so when we eat Paleo, we do the best we can. Some camps omit all cheese and dairy, other camps are forgiving of consuming dairy. When we eat Paleo, it’s not for religious or health reasons. We eat that way because it tastes good; we enjoy it; and we feel good when eating that way and omitting certain ingredients. However, sometimes we add cheese or I may serve it with rice or beans, all of which are to be avoided if eating true Paleo. When we add a little cheese or something from a can or bottle, Dale and I call it eating “Daleo” or “DALE-E-O.” 😉

Since he enjoys eating Daleo meals, he was very supportive of me going gluten-free. This new GF way of life opened the door to unlocking many Paleo recipes I hadn’t considered. Sure, we’d eat Paleo meals when we could, but now it was time to start doing this more often! Many friends came to my rescue when I shared I was terrified about going GF. They offered me all sorts of resources, personal stories, encouragement and one even sent me a cookbook! I really am blessed with the best friends a girl could have!

Over the last few weeks, my husband and I have shared photos of several Paleo/Daleo/Gluten Free meals we’ve tried. What’s cool is that a lot of our friends were inspired by the photos and our rave reviews and they started making the recipes and tagging us in photos! Who ever said they don’t care to see a picture of what someone had for dinner on Facebook? Our food photos get the most comments! We ALL need to eat food. God put the desire in us to eat food so we would survive, so it’s not surprising we all enjoy food photos so much.

This blog post is to let my friends and readers know that I have been keeping notes on all my recipes in Evernote and I’ll be sharing those recipe notes and photos here. Due to copyrights held by the authors and creators of the recipes, I will be sharing the recipe as my own with the modifications we made and I will link back to the original post, Pinterest pin or cookbook when it applies.

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to sharing our photos and recipes with you!


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